Nasdaq IPO

Pre-IPO investment: Dairy industry Roll-up & Consolidation going Nasdaq

Own a piece of agriculture without being a farmer: $159 million corporation looking to expand needs capital investors.

Business ownership shares for sale, $5,000 minimum. SEC audits are completed, the iBanker  is signed and Form S-1 near complete. HALY is effecting a classic roll-up in the Dairy/ beef sector. We have signed M&A agreements with big names you will recognize. We have a final opportunity to invest in equity, pre IPOA group of farms have merged their businesses together to form a large wholesale food production unit. We raise cows for milk and beef production. We are looking for people who want to invest in the inflation hedges of hard assets of land and animals. The funds raised will be used to further expand operations and growth. Global demand for food looks to increase for the foreseeable future. Invest with us if you are interested to join the 21st century evolution on how farm ownership is capitalized.

From the time we had initiated our two mandatory SEC audits (both completed Feb 2018), our fledgling $159m book value company has grown from signed M&A commitments to near-about $1b of book value. These book value accretions will be announced post IPO.

Lot’s of action and info; let’s structure a meeting!

Michael Alvarez;

*Accredited, friends or family investors please.